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"The Akron Zoo was delighted to work with Carousel Works. The staff did an amazing job from helping us plan the project to the installation. Their customer service is top notch. They created a beautiful piece of art which brings smiles to the faces of visitors of all ages when they take a spin on our carousel."

-Linda Criss, VP Communications, Akron Zoo

"(We) could not have been more pleased with our experience working with the Carousel Works on the new Pier 62 carousel. The Carousel Works staff are extremely knowledgeable about all things carousel and then some. Bottom line they were more than just the fabricator and installer of the project, they were an integral partner to the new park's success.

-Marc Boddewyn, VP of Design & Construction with the Hudson River Park Trust (New York, NY)

"The carousel from Carousel Works Inc installed on the Oasis of the Seas has proven to be a work of art. The quality of the carousel, including the wood, hand-carved figures, has met and exceeded our expectations. The team members at Carousel Works have exhibited flexible attitudes considering the adaptations necessary to conform a land-based element into a nautical environment."

-Denise Key-Tielebein - Project Sr. Analyst, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. (Oasis of the Seas Carousel)

“Carousel Works was the selected restorer of the Historic Nunley’s Carousel in Garden City, NY. Their staff took great care of all our carousel needs professionally, on time and within budget. It was a pleasure to work with a company that is responsive and stands behind their product.”

- Gary Grasso - Architect, Nassau County Department of Public Works (Garden City, NY)

“We are very pleased with our Carousel, customized to reflect animals and conservation programs at the Saint Louis Zoo. In its first 7.5 years of operation, over 2 million riders have enjoyed it, and it has generated over $2,500,000 for the Saint Louis Zoo’s WildCare Institute – the umbrella for our conservation programs. The Carousel also allowed an opportunity for donor recognition.”

- R. Eric Miller Sr. Vice President and Director of Wildcare Institute, St. Louis Zoo (St. Louis, MO)

“Our Endangered Species Carousel from Carousel Works is a work of real craftsmanship and art. Working with the folks at Carousel Works was a very positive experience. They are highly professional, responsive, and dependable. Needless to say it is popular with our guests and has been an important source of income for the zoo. We are just beginning our fourth season with the ride and, with modest maintenance each year; it looks as good as it did the day it was installed. We would do it again.”

-Gregory B. Geise, President & CEO, Binder Park Zoo (Battle Creek, MI)

"The Heritage Carousel, created by Carousel Works over 11 years ago, is in a public park. It is a piece of art, it is a visual story of Des Moines and surrounding communities and it is a delight to many both young and old each year. The goal of this carousel is to provide an affordable and wholesome way to have fun and share time together outdoors. There have been four generations of family riding together, on site weddings, birthdays, reunions and community celebrations and there are the same little ones who come to the park to ride almost every day it is open. The craftsmanship and durability of Carousel’s Works’ creation is outstanding. The continued helpfulness of each staff person over all these years is amazing. They truly love their work!"

-Susan Kuker, Director, Heritage Carousel, Des Moines, Iowa

"Our Endangered Species Carousel has truly exceeded our expectations. These one of a kind, unique pieces of art provide for another special experience at the Kansas City Zoo. We have been extremely pleased with every aspect of our carousel from placing the order, to picking out the characters, to experiencing the installation and finally from watching the kid’s faces when they climb on top of their endangered animal for that magical ride. We love it!"

-Randy Wistoff – Director, Kansas City Zoo (Kansas City, MO)

“Our recent acquisition of a Carousel Works Wildlife Carousel has been a great success. Our guests appreciate the great artwork and the enjoyment of the ride. Being installed in its own building has increased our use several months each year, and the additional revenue is always helpful. The carousel makes a great centerpiece in our children’s zoo and is especially popular during evening events like our annual zoo gala.”

- James Rhea - President/CEO , Erie Zoo

"The addition of the carousel from Carousel Works Inc has been an outstanding center piece for our kids section. They love it and it has greatly increased guest visitation and revenue!"

- Tony Sanders - Guest Service and Attractions Manager, Zoo Atlanta

"Our carousel is beginning its eleventh year of service. I have told many of my colleagues that acquiring a carousel from the Carousel Works should be a no-brainer! The investment is not substantial. The return is great. Visitors love them. I believe that the quality and detail we see in our carousel is a strong selling point for Carousel Works. I don’t think you see the same attention to detail in other carousels. We could not be happier!"

- Jim Anderson – Director, Ft. Wayne Children’s Zoo (Ft. Wayne, IN)

“The community and visitor response to our carousel has been terrific – we enjoyed 137,000 riders in our first six months of operation. Our patrons marvel at the quality and beauty of our carousel. We are immensely satisfied that we chose Carousel Works to create our carousel – they provided us with a wonderful addition to our zoo and community as well as excellent service during and after the sale.”

- Jim Hubing – Director, Henry Vilas Zoo (Madison, WI)

"More than 30% of the visitors that come through our gate are riding the carousel. It is not just a fun ride, but a work of art that has already become a signature architectural element for our Zoo and City.”

- Rick Barongi – Director, Houston Zoo (Houston Zoo Carousel)

"This whimsical carousel ride is not only a work of art, but an inventive way to inspire Bronx Zoo visitors to explore, discover, and learn about insect species at the core of the Earth ecosystems.”

- Richard Lattis – WCS Senior Vice President, Bronx Zoo (Bronx Zoo Insect Carousel)

"This is definitely not your everyday merry-go-round. That was the original plan, though. (Our carousel design) evolved to be completely native animals to the Hudson River Valley. What we have is a unique merry-go-round, unlike any other in the world.”

- Carol Ash – Commissioner, NY Parks & Recreation Dept. (Bear Mountain Resort Carousel)

“The merry-go-round fits perfectly with the Brookfield Zoo’s mission. There are different ways to learn about animals, (one way) is to associate with an animal on a carousel and associate that with an animal in the park.”

- Dr. Stuart Strahl – Zoo Director and President of the Chicago Zoological Society (Brookfield Zoo Carousel)

“All of us at the Zoo feel fortunate that we chose Carousel Works to restore our carousel. The efforts that you and every one of your staff working on the project is reflected in the eyes and smiles of the thousands (35,00 riders in the first month) that have ridden it. Your partners made the process meaningful and enjoyable.”

- Vernon Metz – Assistant Zoo Director, Columbus Zoo (Columbus Zoo Carousel - Complete Restoration)