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Carousels by The Carousel Works

Carousel WorksCarousel Works is the largest manufacturer of wooden carousels in the world. We specialize in making carousel magic by pioneering the production of over 45 new innovative wooden carousels located in cities across the country. We take pride in providing our customers with the utmost quality of craftsmanship; the unique aesthetics of its experienced artisans; and the dream-like quality of the wooden and brass carousels. Our strength is the ability to manage your carousel project from conception to installation all under one roof. Carousel Works is bringing back the lights, music and magic of carousels one city at a time! View our Carousels Section for photos and detailed information about each of our carousels.

Each of our carousels (also referred to as merry-go-rounds, carrousels, and carrousells) manufactured by Carousel Works is truly a one-of-a-kind work of art, each design reflecting the customer’s request. All of the carousels we build start with a blank sheet of paper – each of the carousels are completely custom designed. The warmth of wood and the richness of deep carvings exemplify the magical quality which always captures and retains people’s attention to any of the Carousel Works carousels. Grand elegance similar to the wondrous antique machines of the past with an affordable price - this is what wooden carousels by Carousel Works offer.

Why Carousel Works?

Carousel WorksFocus :
Our focus is to build a hand crafted, custom designed, wooden carousel that is truly a work of art for each of our clients. We are continuing our twenty-year commitment of capturing the heart of patrons by creating carousels as a unique design. Our designers will create any type of look or feel you desire ranging from the traditional horse carousels, to new standards of creativity that go beyond the scope of historic style with zoo-themed carousels. In addition to traditional horses, we now offer over 160 animal, insect, and reptile figures to choose from!

Throughout history wooden carousels have consistently appreciated in value, unlike their fiberglass counterparts. Each carousel that leaves Carousel Works is uniquely created and designed based on your specific theme. There Horse Figures - Carousel Workstruly is no comparison to the quality we can provide for your investment dollar - unlimited choice of figures, custom themed surround, hard wood floors, brass, lighting and all other trim that makes each of the carousels a unique creation.

The carousels we build start with a blank piece of paper - it is completely custom designed. Once you have decided on a theme, we will help you create a custom carousel right down to the smallest detail. We offer a choice of over 144 figures (not counting horses) of which 40 are Endangered Species for your figure selection.

The Carousel Works, Inc. has developed into a place where custom design, craftsmanship and reasonable price have come together to produce what almost everyone is looking for -- pride in ownership. We feel this pride in your carousel will last from opening day and for many years after.