In addition to traditional carousel horses, we now offer over 160 animal, insect, and reptile figures to choose from! View a sampling of some of our most popular figures with various themes including: Aquatic, Birds, Domestic Animals, Horses, Insects, Jungle-Safari Animals, Woodland-North American Animals & Miscellaneous Figure Styles.
Catfish Clown Fish Crawfish Dolphin
Dolphin Dolphin Dugong Hippocampus
Horseshoe Crab and Eel Manatee Red (Drum) Fish Red Fish
River Otter Sea Otter Sea Bass Sea Horse
Sea Horse Sea Horse (Large) Seal Seal
Seal Seal Sea Lion Sea Monster
Sea Monster Sea Turtle Sea Turtle Shark
Speckled Trout Sturgeon    
Bald Eagle Blue Bird Blue Heron Canadian Goose
Cassowary Condor Comorant Crane
Falcon Flamingo Mallard Duck NeNe Goose
Ostrich Owls Pelican Penguin
Puffin Rooster Swan Turkey
Parrot Spoonbill
Cat   Briard   Labrador   St. Bernard
Pirate Cat            
Horse 1   Horse 2   Horse 3   Horse 4
Horse 5   Horse 6   Horse 7   Horse 8
Horse 9   Horse 10   Horse 11   Horse 12
Horse 13   Horse 14   Horse 15   Horse 16
Horse 17 Horse 18 Horse 19 Horse 20
Horse 21 Horse 22 Horse 23 Horse 24
Horse 25 Horse 26 Horse 27 Horse 28
Horse 29 Horse 30 Horse 31 Horse 32
Horse 33 Horse 34 Horse 35 Horse 36
Horse 37 Horse 38 Horse 39 Horse 40
Horse 41 Horse 42 Horse 43 Horse 44
Horse 45 Horse 46 Horse 47 Horse 48
Przwalski Horse (Horse 49) Buttercup (Horse 50) Dash (Horse 51) Hayley (Horse 52)
Katie (Horse 53) Sarah (Horse 54) Drasilla (Horse 55) Hope (Horse 56)
Kit (Horse 57) Blossom (Horse 58) Fishing (Horse 59) Przwalski Sailing (Horse 60)
Golf (Horse 61) Przwalski Horse (Horse 62)    
Bee/Praying Mantis   Blue Scarab   Caterpillar   Grasshopper/Gold Scarab
Firefly   Gold Scarab   Goliath Beetle   Grasshopper
Hercules Beetle   Honey Bee   Ladybug   Ladybug
Potato Bug   Potato Bug   Praying Mantis   Praying Mantis
Praying Mantis   Cicada   Striped Scarab    
Wild Dog   Anteater   Baby Elephant   Baby Elephant
Baby Giraffe   Barbirusa   Bongo   Capybara
Caracal Wildcat   Cheetah   Chimpanzee   Clouded Leopard
Colobus   Eland   Elephant   Elephant (Large)
Giant Panda   Giant Panda   Panda Cub   Giraffe
Giraffe   Gorillas on a Log   Gorillas on a Log   Hippopotamus
Hyena   Impala   Jaguar   Kangaroo
Kangaroo   Koala   Komodo Dragon   Lion
Lion   Lion Cub   Lioness   Mandrill
Mountain Tapir   Okapi   Peccary   Poison Dart Frog
Poison Dart Frog   Poison Dart Frog   Poison Dart Frog   Polar Bear
Polar Bear Cub   Red Panda   Red River Hog   Rhino
Rhino   Silverback Gorilla   Sloth Bear   Snow Leopard
Speckled Bear   Spotted Leopard   Sun Bear   Tiger
Tiger Cub   Tiger Cub   Warthog   White Tiger
Zebra   Zebra   Zebra   Zebra (Foal)
Zebra (Foal)            
Armadillo   Badger   Bat   Beaver
Horned Ram   Bison   Black Bear   Black Bear
Black Bear   Black Bear Cub   Bobcat   Coyote
Deer   Fox   Fox   Frog Prince
Frog Prince   Goat   Mountain Lion   Rabbit
Rabbit Racoon Ram Skunk
Snakes Snakes   Toad Tortoise
Tortoise Turtle   Wolf Baby Moose
Wolf Cub
Baseball Bat   Camel   Unicorn   Unicorn
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