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Carousel Details:

9 Section – 2 Row Carousel
22’ Platform (26’ Overall Diameter)
16 Figures
1 Peacock Chariot (ADA/Wheelchair Accessible)

Carousel Works was asked to hit a homerun with a new, custom designed carousel for the Kansas City Royals. The renovation of the Royals home field, Kaufmann Stadium, includes an innovative new children’s area that will hosts the new Royals-themed baseball carousel.

The carousel features 16 baseball-themed figures and 1 ADA Accessible chariot. The figures include large baseball bats, a glove, Royal-themed horses, a patriotic bald eagle, and even mascot Sluggerrr is represented on the carousel.

The overall theme of the carousel design is a Royals baseball fantasy to delight kids of all ages. Some of the design elements include home plate-shaped mirrors, 3-dimensional carved baseballs housed between all the lights, glove and bat design enhancements, a beautiful crown finial at the peak of the carousel and original artwork paintings to enhance the overall theme.