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Carousel Details:

18 Section – 4 Row Carousel
48’ Platform (50’ Overall Diameter)
64 Figures
2 Chariots (1 ADA/Wheelchair Accessible w/Companion Seat)

The Houston Zoo’s Wildlife Carousel opened May 1, 2004 in Houston, TX. It is located at the entrance to the John P. McGovern Children’s Zoo under a specially designed pavilion that keeps riders spinning in cool comfort even in the middle of a hot Houston summer. The fully accessible carousel features sixty-four (64) figures and two (2) stationary chariots; one of which is ADA/Wheelchair Accessible.

Many of the exotic animals represented on the carousel can be found in the Zoo such as the Okapi, Bongo, Babirusa and Giant Eland. In addition, creatures special to Texans are present as well, including the only Armadillos known to exist as carousel figures.

The Houston Zoo’s Wildlife Carousel was made possible through generous gifts from numerous donors. You can see their names in personalized plaques at the base of their sponsored animals. Some of the Carousel’s cutest critters are still available for sponsorship.