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Carousel Details:

14 Section – 3 Row Carousel
32’ Platform (46’ Overall Diameter)
42 Figures
2 Chariots (1 ADA/Wheelchair Accessible w/Companion Seat)

The Conservation Carousel at Utah’s Hogle Zoo is located Salt Lake City, UT. The universally accessible carousel features forty-two (42) figures and two (2) stationary animal chariots that are ADA/Wheelchair Accessible one of which has a Companion Seat.

The carousel is located in the new Oasis Plaza – a themed public plaza in the center of the zoo. The Hogle Zoo was very excited to add the new carousel to create a “truly a majestic sight, the Conservation Carousel is a generation-linking spot for families, as well as a way to enrich guests’ understanding of Hogle Zoo’s role in addressing global threats to the natural world.”

The Hogle Zoo Conservation Carousel hosts three rings of animals and in addition to selecting a wide range of animal figures, they also incorporated a wide combination of adult and cub versions of the same animals, including a Lion and a Lion Cub, Elephant and a baby Elephant, Giraffe and a baby giraffe, a Zebra and a baby zebra and more. Carousel Works created three new figures especially for this carousel – a peccary, a jumping polar bear and a bald eagle.