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Carousel Details:

18 Section – 4 Row Carousel
48’ Platform (54’ Overall Diameter)
64 Figures
2 Chariots

Take a ride on the wild side with the Cleveland Metropark Zoo’s new Circle of Wildlife Carousel!

Sixty-four hand-carved animals and two wheelchair accessible chariots in all were installed in a new pavilion in the newly designed Circle of Wildlife area at the Zoo. The animal figures are grouped together on the carousel according to their natural environment, including African grassland, tropical forest and tundra. The carousel company also created eight custom animals that don’t appear on any other carousel it has built, including an Anatolian shepherd, lynx, cardinal tetra (a species of fish), ocelot, ring-tailed lemur, loris, emperor penguin and fossa.

The Circle of Wildlife Carousel – with its brilliant colors, exotic animals, and world music – will evoke a sense of nostalgia and fond memories of today and for generations to come. It will be the place where your children, grandchildren, friends and friends' children will gather, have fun and make memories that last a lifetime.

As a destination for a special occasion or simply a restful moment during a busy Zoo day, the Circle of Wildlife Carousel & Nature Discovery Ridge is an iconic and lasting legacy that will enhance the overall visitor experience - See more at:

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