Installed April 2010

Carousel Details:
12 Section – 3 Row Carousel
32’ Platform (36’ Overall Diameter)
33 Figures
1 Oyster Chariot( ADA/Wheelchair Accessible Chariot )

A new carousel spins along the Hudson River in Manhattan. The Pier 62 Carousel is truly one of the most unique carousel projects we have ever created – the industrial design style and aesthetic of the carousel frame, the majority of the figures being indigenous creatures to the Hudson River area, and the unicorn figures enhancing a sense of whimsy all work in combination to create a truly one-of-a-kind carousel that has never been seen before!

The inspiration for the carousel frame design is reminisant of a ships spars and timbers to honor the history of the harbor. Without the inclusion of a typical carousel façade, this carousel highlights the industrial components of the carousel frame and mechanism.

The figures feature animals indigenous to the Hudson River Valley, including several new figures that were created especially for this carousel – Crawfish, Horseshoe Crab & Eel, Cormorant, Blue Bird, Beaver, Atlantic Sturgeon, Coyote and even a Mallard Duck. To also incorporate a carousel’s traditional sense of whimsy there are also two fanciful Unicorn figures adorned with butterflies. An Oyster Chariot ornamented with a pearl is also found on this distinctive carousel.


Take a ride on this one-of-a-kind carousel today!

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