Installed August 2011

Carousel Details:
12 Section – 3 Row Carousel
32’ Platform (36’ Overall Diameter)
29 Figures
2 Chariots (ADA/Wheelchair Accessible Chariot)

Bringing the past, present and future together, the Carillon Historical Park in Dayton, Ohio is now home to a new carousel that incorporates a modern twist on carousel design and highlights the historical innovation of the community. Hand-crafted and especially designed by Carousel Works for the park’s new Heritage Center of Manufacturing and Entrepreneurship, this full-sized, wooden carousel is truly one-of-a-kind.

This exciting new project was created by Carousel Works utilizing the time-honored methods of hand-carved wooden figures, but will allow patrons of Carillon Historical Park to take a ride on icons of Dayton innovation rather than traditional carousel horses. With 29 hand-carved figures and 2 stationary chariots this carousel is designed to be simultaneously fun and educational. The figures include a sampling from the rich and industrious history of Dayton including an NCR cash register, DH-4 Airplane, Huffy bicycle, a Soap Box Derby Car, a Rubicon train engine and a Mike-sell’s potato chip bag, among other local claims to fame.

“It is all hand-painted and designed to help tell Dayton stories of innovation and entrepreneurship,” said Brady Kress, president and chief executive of Dayton History, the nonprofit organization that operates Carillon Park.

The new Heritage Center is designed to be a breathtaking space for families inspired by the amazing ingenuity and industry of Dayton, Ohio. To highlight these features the hand-painted artwork that adorns the carousel pulls from the many notable accomplishments of the area. From antique advertisements for Huffy Bicycles to the Liberty Aircraft Engine to the offices of NCR, 36 images embellish the carousel façade. In addition to the individual artwork panels, the carousel also features a 38’ sprawling hand-painted mural that enwraps the center of the carousel structure and depicts the aviation history of the Wright brothers in a visually rich timeline-style format.

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